Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Building and Remodel

We have been very busy the last couple of weeks as we were blessed to find a new and bigger building. Our old building was nice but it was small; just a hall with no facilities, not even a toilet. We were packing in people every week with the children having to sit outside on the steps. It had been like that for some time and we were diligently praying for a new building.

God answered our prayers a couple weeks ago when brother Vitalis called me on a Friday morning to tell me he may have found something. We went down together and paid within the hour to secure the building (thanks to the generosity of the Tucson church). The new building is perfectly located on the main highway with tremendous visibility. It has a proper bathroom, two nursery rooms and a storage room.

We have had to do a lot of work the last couple weeks. The building use to be a nightclub and was painted in dark colors with hardly any light fixtures, etc., so we broke down a wall to open things up a little bit.

We also added some privacy bricks in the windows so the air could flow but people can't see everything inside when we're not there. We added a window and probably need to add a couple more in the near future to allow for more airflow.

While the major work has been finished for a week or so, we have much detail work to do. We are still adding fans and light fixtures and doing some plumbing in the bathroom. God is helping us bit by bit and piece by piece and He has provided for everything we have needed so far.

We have had our first couple of services and the presence of God has been so wonderful. I thank God that the church is not a building but the people that gather together inside of it. He is faithful to be in the midst of those gathered together in His name.

On Saturday we will have a special building celebration and dedication and on Sunday we start revival with Pastor Hamilton from Benin. Pray for us that God would give us much favor in this new harvest field he has given us and that no one would be lost in transition.